2014-05-26Ice bomb too strong so need to read the article

"World of Warcraft " King 6.0 Delano piece of information on the latest Blue push: Ice Bomb too so you need to read the article , warfare and violent war in the future will be more significant distinction more obvious cycle of warfare , while there will be changes in the future raid loot is still picking up and will not release personal trading restrictions .Profession:Death KnightScent of Blood seems to "need" multiple attack, which is the design intent it?Yes . Blood talent... more

2014-05-26Video status : Story prequel

She now looks bigger, it becomes strong. In fact, they have played the same four dragon changes . Winged heart chill of death , he felt this is a perfect plan seems out of a fatal error.'Do you feel the same? You feel it ! ' Malygos constantly repeated. ' I'm a self- reply ! What a great thing ! '" It is time ! " Brood replied , his eyes shining like gems unusually bright light. "Yes, it is time !Ysera opened her eyes, beautiful eyes , the moment her eyes are so striking that Deat... more

2014-05-26WOW movie sequel-The Fall of The Lich King

"It's over, no eternal kingship, my son." "In front of me, only darkness." --- Excerpt from the story CG World of Warcraft 4.3 Movie Title: "World of Warcraft: Fall of the Lich King" (Warcraft: The Fall of The Lich King) The main roles: Tirion Fordring / Bolvar / Sylvanas Video status: The True Story Part IVSynopsis : Hand Silver Knights members had Tirion Fordring because the protection orcs friend and was exiled , Uther best friend was killed in Alsace , the Knigh... more

2014-05-26Motion picture version of WOW

"Warcraft movie is done shooting 3weeks from today-holly shnikey director states in 5th May the year 2013,"filming coming to an in depth in June,movie anticipated in theaters in early 2016."After fixation, your film's post-production carried out by Industrial Light and also Magic. Release date can be March 11, 2016. The actual film has a Chinese language Film Corporation to spend, then, if the where you live now release, Film enjoy shows authorship and global divided. In previous ... more

2014-05-26Siege of Orgrimmar Changes in Patch 6.0 and Warlords of Draenor

In the recent Dev Watercooler: Raiding Azeroth Part 3—Warlords of Draenor, we discussed some of the raid changes coming in the next WoW expansion. Before Warlords of Draenor launches, players will have a chance to experience the new raid structure firsthand in the Siege of Orgrimmar.In the upcoming Patch 6.0, the pre-expansion “systems” update planned to go live in the weeks leading up to Warlords of Draenor’s release, we’ll be converting Siege of Orgrimmar to use the new Normal, Heroic, and Myt... more

2014-05-26No men have been turned into warcraft with WOW

Post tells the story of the clothes a world of warcraft guild of zhangyu, and his wife, Jiang Wei is world of warcraft participants. Soon after her relationship, two people Jiang Wei body with lupus erythematosus (sle), and affects the mind. Ms. Cheung in get to treat his wife, never leaving his wife a few months, and possess paid the full financial savings back more than $lakh in debt. Should an individual request to let your hero in the sport data, we came through the darkness of the darkspear... more

2014-05-26DOT/HOT no breakpoint anymore

Basically, each time the expansion, the wow game mechanics on a sizable scale blizzard will adjust. From talent to knowledge to a variety of game mechanics, sometimes a data will make participants feel like playing a fresh game. In "the baron of draenor, blizzard erase/merge not only plenty of skills, reduced the tips, also an important process of law -" cyclical effect ". Most obviously, both inside class DOT, or bloodstream HOT, they are definitely not the so-called "quick ... more

2014-05-26To commemorate those disappearing classic skills of warcraft # 2: mana burn

With the shadow of the energy attack, make opponent lose certain mana, half the mana when numerical damage at the same time.History:Mana burn first appeared in the blizzard games, was in diablo 2 - as Kim strange properties, for players, but its fame is in warcraft 3, the demon hunter illidan (Julian) trademark skills, most of the night elf race starting starting skills of the hero.In world of warcraft, mana burn skills as the minister, on November 23, 2004, at the beginning of the world of warc... more

2014-05-26The center of the storm

Guild friends show you within the capital of scotland- the south China sea confrontation tarun mir fighting started again. You jumped about the slow-moving mounts (then you definitely still can't buy to daughter horses) so rushed towards the nearest FeiHangDian. Flight line weren't together, clicking for the next town, after which it anxiously waiting in the air.Guild friends whisper, again ask you what time and energy to arrive at the, tell you they've almost untenable. It took a deep breath sl... more

2014-05-26The professional level 100-talent-Death KnightDie&Druid

This talents for blizzard friends stand MMO - CHAMPION and WOWHEAD gift list, (and this is the official set of recommended), but this became not a complete list, we'll first-time update for you personally using the latest information.Death KnightDie gangrene plague - a powerful, each layer of XXXX frost shadow damage every 2 SEC, for a few seconds. This skill each 1 damage, will heighten the variety of 1 layer, and makes all the infected enemies within 8 yards. By death gangrene plague your atta... more

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